Updates in no particular order:-

  1. Course Of Fire added for the Service Rifle Shoot on 30/8/15 on the COF Page.
  2. The club is looking to dispose of a P14 303 in a Target Rifle Format and a left-handed .22 rifle. These will be sold but are offered to members first. Contact Tim Brooking if interested.
  3. We are considering offering an RCO course at the range on a Saturday in the autumn. In there is sufficient interest we will take it further. Cost is £65 per head. Certification lasts for 6 years. Contact the Secretary if you are interested.
  4. Sid Smith has been co-opted onto the committee to serve as Electronics Officer. Sid is an expert in electronics and has fixed the targets several times already when no on else had a clue. He is a very valuable asset to the club and we are lucky to have persuaded (conned!) him to help out on a more permanent basis. Please join me in welcoming him.
  5. On the subject of targets the new ones have been delivered and are currently in the Club House Store. We will need to plan very carefully how these are rolled out.
  6. We have turfed the 600 yard point and (when Sid does the wiring) we will have that ready for the shoot on the 13th September. This is a fairly large team TR shoot against several clubs so its important that we get everything right.
  7. The club house has been handed over to us so it’s in use. We have to furnish the inside with chairs etc. It will be open on shoot days when we are at that end of the range. We will have the main doors locked when we are up the range but a key (when we have them cut) will be available for members to use the facilities. We need to be careful to prevent unauthorised access.
  8. George Arnold – We will be collecting the George Arnold memorabilia from Ted at some point then we have to sort this out  and then order the appropriate cases for display. It will take a while to sort this out but it is in hand.
  9. 2016 Program (programme – whatever) – We will have a complete reorganisation of shooting now we have a club house. We need to make use of it so we will be shifting things around. If the weather looks gloomy we may well change shoots at short notice and shoot at 600 yards so there is more shelter. Make sure the rifle you bring along and you can hit the target at 600 yards and if the weather looks iffy pack something that will go the distance.

That’s all I can think of for now, See you at the Service Rifle Shoot.