Service Rifle 4 Results

Results posted on the page. Well shot Matt – with a K31 proving you don’t need a 10 round mag and if you manage your reloads and are accurate you get the results.

Some of the scores listed are low but there were a number of members who only got a few details in as they were working on the other projects going on that day.

Thanks to Jeff and Paul for spending most of the morning assembling chairs (we now have 24) as well as arranging for some of the domestic items to furnish the club house. More items are on the way.

Sid has manged to fish the data cables out of the water and fix the 600 yard firing point electronics. So as Mark had turfed the point and seeded what will be the BBQ area, along with the wiring we have 600 yards back in use just in time for the next 3/5/6 RT shoot.

Tim was on hand to sort out the ammo requirements and help set up the targets.

So a good day overall, it didn’t rain and many thanks to everyone who turned up and helped out.