Scoped Rifle Shoot and Range Works

Well we seem to have been quite of the web front for a bit but there has been plenty going on I can assure you.  We have some work to do on the range this weekend but hopefully this will be done on Saturday.

We are going to move the new targets from the club house up the range and see if we can get them installed and working. Sid and his Technical Crew will be dealing with this. At this stage we can’t tell how it will go. The targets are very heavy to move but we should have enough bodies for this and the real work will be on the electrical side.

We also aim to reduce the height of the Service Rife Barricades as they are a bit too high at present. There are a few other minor jobs we need to get done.  We wont be needing volunteers this time round as the main work will be electrical and that will take some time to sort out. Dont worry if you want to help there will be a work party fairly soon to move the sand up the range to fill any holes in the backstop. That will be something we will need help with and we will let you know when that will be.

The shoot on Sunday should go as normal. It is a Scoped Rifle in the calendar but there is always a possibility that we may have issues with the targets as we cant be sure if the installation is completed. Sid will let me know at the end of Saturday where his team have got to so if there is any news I will post it on the web.

To be on the safe side the fall back position is to have a gallery rifle  / handheld shoot if the targets play up so make sure you have something for close range handy in case it goes pear-shaped.

See you Sunday