Scoped Rifle Results

Great turn out today 21 score cards handed in ane many more shooters came along for a blast as well – Not sure how many as there were too many to count. The work and effort yesterday paid off and we had all 4 targets working without a hitch so great work all.

The shooting was decent and the top score went to Alistair S with a score of 149.27 Barry was second with 148.21 There were two more scores of 148.17 from Vince and me but he won third place on a 600 countback finishing 5,V,5 and i finished V,4,V – Vince I know you are watching – I don’t always fix the scores!

However having said that this was round 2 of the scoped Rifle shoot and the overall winner of those who put in a score for both events with 293.29 (X300) was er,me. So Vince perhaps you are right. The scores are on the results page and no, I don’t fiddle them.

We had some fun as well and Phil had a new toy that we had to try out it’s a 5.56 MARS Trigger

release VZ58 –


Means the trigger on the first pull releases the working parts forward and then a second pull fires. Its a lot of fun and we only wish Phil has bought along more ammo for us!

There was a big pile of sandbags in the butts – they needed shifting.


The committee has discussed how to move these for ages and we have had many suggestions of mechanical means and witchcraft / helicopters etc. In the end it was a very old-fashioned human chain. We did this in between 300 and 600 stages (that way everyone who was present got to help!)


Two lines filling the butts completely and we shifted 4 pallets worth of sandbags in about 15 minutes with very little effort and no cost. Machinery? Pah! people power.

Many thanks to all who enjoyed the shooting and came to help. It makes the club what it is.

I hope you all continue to enjoy it.