1 September Garvett & Marlow Cup

Well we had better call this one the Chichester, Bookham & Dorking Team Shoot. We had over 35 shooters and this in itself is something of a record. Invited teams from Chichester and Bookham shot alongside the home teams and there was enough to make 5 teams of 4.

The results are on the results page and photos on the photos page with the top team being Dorking A (581.66) closely followed by – well look up the results I can’t repeat them all here. George Cotton shot an impressive 150.21 (he complained about some dropped V’s and funnily enough didn’t get much sympathy)!

We have wanted to the the facilities to a point where we can invite other clubs for a shoulder to shoulder competition and are delighted that Bookham and Chichester could join us so we will definitely do that again (the Boar Hill on Remembrance Day is an obvious one for that).

I think I can safely say that everyone enjoyed themselves and the results show some excellent scores. The new seating at 500 was very welcome and will be added to 300 and 200 in due course.

For me it was a joy to be able to have somewhere to put your kit to sort it out and not get covered in mud. Many years ago I said you should be able to walk up the range in a pair of slippers. Well that wouldn’t be practical but deck shoes are just fine. We have come along way with the range this year so thanks to all who put the positive effort into the club to move it forward and for those who turn up, shoot, smile and make it all worth while.

To those who said ‘We don’t need that’ it turns out we did need it, and what a difference it has made.

The next shoot is the 303 trophy at 300 and 500 with categories for 303 rifles, SRa, SRb and Scoped.

2 thoughts on “1 September Garvett & Marlow Cup

  1. David Foy

    On behalf of Chichester Rifle Club, can I just say a big Thank You to all at Dorking Rifle Club who made the day so enjoyable for us all.

    Whilst we may not have made so great an impression on the scoring, all of us had a good time today, and were most impressed with all the work you guys had done to make the range so ‘user friendly’, and to involve us so well in the competition.

    Many thanks to all. We hope to redress the balance (score-wise) next time.

    Dave Foy,

  2. Ron Platt

    With reference to the last paragraph of the original can clarification be given as to the specifications of SRa and SRb. For instance, does either encompass, or equate to, FTR class, i.e. TR with a handle, Oops! scope, attached?
    Lastly, will there be 7.62 and .303 ammunition available?


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