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Annual General Meeting

The General Meeting of The Dorking and District Rifle Club will be held at 2.00pm on Sunday the 30th April 2017 in the Clubhouse.

Draft Agenda

1) Introduction.

2) Minutes of the last General Meeting.

3) Committee Report.

4) Treasurers Report (including a provisional statement of Club Accounts and appointment of an Examiner of Accounts).    

5)  The election of the Committee members (see below), President, Vice Presidents and the appointment of an Examiner of Accounts.    

6)  Any other business

Program Updates & Reloading Course.

We have had to move a few things around for a variety of reasons. Mainly the proposed work party needs to take place when the weather is better so this will be later in the year.

The Work party / AGM is now cancelled for the 12/3/17 It was a non shooting day so we are not missing any shooting.

The AGM will take place on 30/4/17 after the Kirby Cup.

We have created revised program forms and attendance records following the date change.


xls & pdf versions



The shoot on 19 March may be a TR match against Chichester if we can get them organised. It will be open to all as a practice anyway at 300 and 600 yards.

Beginners Reloading Course

Beginners reloading course on Tuesday evening 21 st March starting at 7 pm for 2 hours and then a pint in Dorking. this is being run by Graeme Cole and Phil Bassett at the club house. We have 6 people interested but if you want to join the fun then please contact Graeme direct at

Finally we have not forgotten about the RCO course. We are still sorting out the details with the NRA and will have room for about 15 members. We will let you have the details in due course.

If  you have not renewed your membership please do so or let Chris know you wont be renewing. We have a number of people interested injoining and if you dont want to be a member then we can use your place. If you do then please can we have your renewal payment.

The Hero Shoot

For the hardy members went to the range today for the year opener Hero Shoot. So named for those who come along in the bad weather in previous years. Fortunately we had good weather for the time of year. We had quite a selection of guns on show from Black Powder Snider Carbines to the latest Nimrod and MARS rifles.

All Good fun


Once a long time ago I met two blokes on a range (Steynning) long since closed. One was a keen advocate of the L1A1 and from what I remember he was about the only one I who could ever shoot one decently.

If you want to know (many, many years later) how make an old man happy, put one in his hands again.

img_2063 img_2066

Happy Days.

For those who are wondering about your membership renewals these were all emailed out before Christmas so fill it in and return it to Chris the membership Secretary (now on the dark side as a happy owner of an AR15).

If you have lost the form then another copy is here:-


The next shoot is a further practice at 100 so bring your toys and get your rifles properly zeroed for the year.

2017 Programme

We have some provisional dates for next year. These are subject to change and we may well move things around depending on circumstances.

The AGM is provisionally booked for 12 March 2017 at 9.30 am. It’s a non shooting day but it is followed by a work party so there will be plenty to do.

The details are on the Programme page along with downloadable shooting records in PDF & Excel

The links to the documents are below:-

2017-shooting-record  XLS



Kirby Cup and AGM

We held the Kirby cup today that consists of a Queens 1 for both TR and Scoped rifles. It was a very successful day with a high turnout but not all those attending put in a score card. We were saved from the rain and the weather stayed fine. The scoped rifle shooters put in some good scores with 3 of 105 with the top shot being Alistair Springer with 105.19.  TR shooters fond the conditions more challenging and I suppose we ‘could try harder’ (particularly in my case).

Anyway a bad day on the range beats a good day in the office any day.

The AGM was held in the club house and was fortunately largely uneventful compared with other years!

We did discuss the new CASC regulations that we will make every effort to comply with will mean some changes and we will outline these for a special general meeting to be held in the autumn once we have finalised a strategy. You can help the club and yourselves by attending at least 7 events a year at the range. It’s not a big ask and will make a difference. A link to the regulations is in a post from several weeks ago.

The scores are on the results page and a heavy work schedule and forthcoming departure for a spell in Eastern Europe precludes me from writing more at the moment.

See you all soon.

Modern McQueens & and AGM Notice Update

Scores posted on the results page. Apologies to Bob S. who didn’t shoot a 50.1 but a 50.10 that is a completely different score. In my defense it was written on the score sheet as 51 so it wasn’t clear. Anyway a clear winner.

Well shot all, a great day to be on the range!

See you at the AGM



The Modern McQueens is on Sunday at 300 yards. We will not have the club gun or ammunition available due to the holders of such being committed elsewhere. The course of fire for the McQueens is available on the COF page.

The AGM will be held after the shoot on the 22 May at 1 pm. The notices have been emailed but are available here:-

160506 DDRC AGM Cover Letter

160506 DDRC AGM Agenda pdf


AGM Notice and Results

Firstly the scores from Sundays Scoped Rifle Shoot are now posted on the Results page. We decided to shoot both stages at 600 to take advantage of the club house with the possibilities of rain (I still got wet – but at least the majority of the kit was dry).


We have had to move the AGM to 22 May 2016 due to a number of date clashes with other shoots. Apologies for that. The shoot is on a Sunday after the Kirby Cup.

Our forthcoming challenges is the revised legislation relating to The Community Amateur Sports Clubs.

The Government guidance notes are available by following this link:-

We have been registered since about 2002 under CASC and this was done at the time when we received the large bequest. What the regulations boil down to as far as we are concerned is that over 50% of members have to be ‘participating’ and will have to turn up to the range about 7 or more times per year. If we have under 50% participating members then we are liable to Corporation tax on our investment income and full business rates.

This is not something cooked up by the committee and is Government Legislation. We don’t have any more details outside what is available on the link.

We will review the options in more detail at the AGM.

Classic McQueens

The scores are (finally) posted on the Results page and as this was a classic competition the Mauser won at the last-minute over the Nagant. Well shot by the President and the Captain. We only have one of these in the program this year and I missed it so I will see if there is time to have a further 200 yard go at some future date.

Plenty of Modern shooters and despite the mud the event remains popular. We have tried McQueens pairs in the past and we may want to have that at some point so something tl look forward to in warmer weather.

The next shoot is the A White / Garrick that is a 2 x 15 at 300 and 500 for TR and scoped rifle so Weather / Targets / domestic issues permitting I will see you there.

Thanks to to all of you have renewed your subscriptions.

Lets work together for a good years shooting.


Visitors and Guests

A reminder that guests are only permitted if the details are provided 48 hours in advance and the person holds a full FAC. The will have to complete and submit a form (below in Word and pdf)

Dorking Visitors Form 2016

Dorking Visitors Form 2016

Visitors who do not hold a FAC are not allowed to shoot unless the shoot is designated in advance as a guest day (see the Home Office Rules) and in the event of a shoot being declared a guest day then the details of those attending will have to be submitted a week in advance so we have time to inform the relevant authorities.

Dates – Provisional

Provisional for the AGM is 10 April after the shoot in the club house.

Surrey Cycle race is provisionally set for the 31 July so the range will be closed that day. I cant find any firm information on this as yet.

Service Rifle 1

No time today as we had a committee meeting after the shoot. Loads of stuff to sort out and the pass from er indoors has expired.

The results are on the results page – well shot to all those who turned out on a damp day.

Going forward – due to the Home Office requirement to record attendance (we do this already) and to this we have to add a record of who shot which rifle on which day you will be required to download the attendance form and get this signed by the Range officer / committee member before you shoot. A copy of your completed form will have to be given to the membership secretary at the end of the year so we can keep the records up to date.

No form no shoot No form at the end of the year then no membership.

Please help us to comply with the ever-increasing rules by sorting out your form and adding a list of your firearms on the back.

Here is a further link to the form

2016 Shooting Record XLS

2016 Shooting Record pdf