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31 January 2016 SR1

The Course of fire is on the relevant page so make sure you read it before hand. It saves time on the day. I know some find it fun to wind me up and not read it but on days when it may be chilly and damp it holds everything up. Likewise the only button you need to press on the radios is the PTT one (Push to Talk) or the Call one. Changing the channel and locking the handset is shall we say ‘unhelpful’.

Anyway rant over (for now) and come along for a blast, all welcome and we should have the club gun and some (but not much) ammo.

You are strongly recommended to buy your own ammo in sufficient quantity before hand. There are several members who are RFD’s so have a word with them I am sure they would be happy to help. The Club ammo is really ment for those who are going to use the club gun.

We would like to have all the membership renewals in by the end of this month so if you have not renewed please do so. We will be sending a list to the Police of all those who have not renewed by 31/1/16 and who have not shot in the last 12 Months to the Police as we are obliged to do. If you are on this list they are likely to  .. well best avoided if you can.

See you at the weekend.


Hero Shoot

Happy New Year to all of you.

Sundays shoot will be at 100 and 200 yards on manual targets. We will decide what to do on the day depending on who turns up and the weather (the latter looks to be a bit damp).

The 100 yard details will be shot on the Gallery Rifle targets so you are advised to bring a spotting scope to see the holes. It will be a good opportunity for you to zero your guns for the coming year.

The shoot on 17th will be a further 100 / 200 practice (not SR1) while we get the dates sorted out for the whole year and publish the programme. Dont forget to send in your membership renewals.

See you Sunday

Competency Cards

The NRA have changed the requirements for clubs issuing Compency Cards to the point where we feel the revised regulations will make it too onerous for us to continue to issue them in 2016. You do not need one to shoot at Dorking.

We have a small stock of cards that we can issue up to an expiry date of 31/12/2017. These will be issued on a first Come First Served to members who request them before the end of the 2015 by emailing and requesting one.

You will have to:-

  • Request one before the end of this year – No exceptions. We wont issue them after 1/1/16 although we can distribute those prepared before the end of this year.
  • Be a full Current Member
  • Be considered Safe for the disciplines requested – Obviously.
  • Continue to be a member (send in your renewal for 2016) – I will be updating the renewal form and emailing them shortly.
  • Have to visit the range and collect the card and sign for it once you have paid your renewal.
  • Will have shot regularly at Dorking during 2015

Once again you don’t need one to shoot at Dorking and if you are an NRA member you can obtain one from them. It is not the clubs responsibility to manage your shooting on other ranges – we already have enough to do.

Request yours if you need one – If you snooze you loose.

Happy Christmas


2015 Christmas Shoot

Thanks to all who turned out and helped make the day a success (well sort of) The targets went on holiday early and we had to skip 600 but the pairs snaps and McQueen went fine and was good fun.

I am a bit short on time for a bit so I will add some more details later but in the short time there is  shaky video clip of the McQueen and a couple of stills.

I have managed to repair my walkie talkies!! (Thanks Tom)

Happy Christmas – we will be sending out the renewals and there are a number of notices to post when I get a minute so keep an eye on the site (subscribe to follow if you want to be notified of new posts).


Sundays shoot & Notices

Notices – The club house project is proceeding and the roof trusses are now on the building. All are reminded that the construction site is off-limits to all and no access is allowed.  Its part of the contract and health and safety so keep out.

AGM – Provisionally booked for Friday 27 February at the Dorking Christian Centre 8 pm

Sundays Shoot – It’s in the program as a practice at 300 and 500 but as you know the targets are playing up. It looks as if the damp has got into the electrics and this is disrupting the communication between the butts and firing points. We will be at the range early to see if some remedial work can be completed to make them useable in the short-term. If we get them working we will stick to the published shoot and if not then it may be manual targets at 300.

Longer term the targets themselves are over 10 years old and two of them are past it. We have ordered 4 new targets but these have to be built and shipped from Norway. We will be upgrading the connectors and other components as well. Essentially the target hut is damp and this does not suit the electrical connections.

So we will do what we can and be prepared to be flexible on the day.

Shooting Records – We have provided an updated shooting record for use this year. The format of the front page is the same but there is a new page 2 with space for you to add your firearm details in full and then on page 1 you add the number of the gun you are shooting.

All Shooting records should be on the new format if you want us to sign them.

If you want to use add the firearm details electronically the form is provided in word format as well as pdf – you can thenuse the page 2 in future years etc.

The new forms are on the program page and here as well:-

Dorking 2015 Shooting Record PDF

Dorking 2015 Shooting Record Word


AGM Update

Well we had the AGM and it went smoothly and no drama. The committee and officers were reelected and will remain dedicated to moving the club forward and running the events as we have been doing.

The Hut build has been delayed by the weather and we will have to add some piles under the base to stop it sinking and then we can move forward.

There will be a change to the web site (this one) in that we will limit the historic data and minutes on the site in response to a members concerns. If you want to see old minutes and results you will have to email the secretary.

It goes without saying if any of you have an issue with an image or your name appearing on the site then you need to contact us and we can remove / adapt the data. Generally we make every effort to not identuify individuale etc.

Anyway tomorrow is the McQueen shoot so bring your scoped rifles along to 300 yards.



We are always busy improving things for you so check out the photo section for some of the recent changes. These Include:-

A new Roof for the Target shed. It is a short term repair as the old roof was literally falling apart and bits of the front had fallen off -aside from the bullet holes in it (Zero Your Rifles!).

We will be undertaking a complete rebuild of this part of the range as our next major project but we have a number of technical issues to solve before we can proceed. It is not as easy as it sounds. We have added some steps up the side of to the roof of the target shed so it can be easily and safely accessed without going up the dodgy ladder. The steps are at the flag pole end of the shed.

We have also filled the void between the front sleeper wall with sand to try to stop rounds penetrating the double sleepers and damaging the now repaired roof (Zero Your Rifles!). When you miss the target the rounds end up somewhere and often this is the sort of damage we are now having to repair. If you look at the photos page you can see on of the target numbers full of holes!

The next repair is some additional sand going into the butts bank next week. We have added some and need to add some more as well. This is again a temporary measure as the butts need some rebuilding as well.

Visitors will have noticed some new safety signs around the range as well with some more to be added. Everyone has to be safe.

And finally if you looked at the photo of the sand filled front wall you may have noticed a third McQueen target as well. We have two McQueen shoots next month and as these are popular we will be running three targets so there is less waiting for a go. The first shoot is at 200 yards, all welcome but the trophy is for classic sniper rifles and the second at 300 yards is for modern rifles. If you are not sure of the difference then see the ‘what you need to shoot with us page’ for some guidance. The course of fire is on the course of fire page. We do need some help with this shoot so don’t forget to lend a hand. We have another McQueen shoot in the program and previous experiments  have shown that shooting in pairs is fun so we may try that.

The Hut build is still held up by the wet ground as the footings fill up with water at the moment. Luckily the engineers will sort that out.

The next shoot is Service Rifle and the course of fire is .. well no it isn’t on the course f fire page as I haven’t written it yet. Ill get right on it and post it soon. (Update – its there now!)

Enjoy the good weather, renew your membership if you haven’t already and we will see you on the range soon.

And Finally thanks to all who make things happen on the range and do so much work to keep it all going forward. You know who you are and we cant do it without all of you.

Odds and ends

Some Notices for your attention:-

1) 2013 Results Summary for all last years comps is on the results page. We will probably give out the prizes in the summer at the BBQ rather than the AGM

2) The AGM will be on Friday April25 in the main hall at Dorking Christian Center 8PM. This is your official notice of the AGM. There will be an email to members and a letter to non email members. We are not going to post a letter to everyone as it costs about £100 in postage to do this.

3) See the photos section. There is a big hole at 600 yards – yes the build of the George Arnold Pavilion has started. And the other picture has no caption (I’m told I cant talk about it) but suffice to say you wont be either sitting in the mud or have your gear in the mud at 300 (or 200)

4) See the new page on equipment. No more sporting rifles at Service Rifle Events please. This is mainly for newer members wondering what sort of things they need to get.

5) The Penguin shoot is on Sunday16th. 303 at 300 and 7.62 at 500. TR shoot against a team for Horsham Rifle Club (who are mostly members anyway)

See you tomorrow.